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Home Energy Efficiency

A Home Energy Audit in Madison Alabama involves evaluating the energy efficiency of your home and recommending improvements to decrease energy use. We here at Insight Building Inspection look forward to helping you save money on your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint with our home energy audit services. 

Over the past few years we have all become more aware of the limits on our energy supply and the growing costs to heat and cool our homes. With our infrared technology we can perform an energy audit to find hidden defects in your home’s insulation. With an infrared energy audit the quality of insulation in the walls can easily be assessed and areas that need improvement can be identified.

You should know that while an infrared camera can be a great tool, it is only a tool. When performing an infrared inspection of a residential or commercial building it is crucial that the operator have a detailed knowledge of building science and experience in defect recognition. A good operator will know the areas where failures are likely and then use the infrared camera to either confirm or clear suspect problems.

Examples of what our camera can find

Below are some examples of thermal and visual images taken during the course of inspections performed by Insight Building Inspection on properties in North Alabama.
The above photo shows a room in a two year old home. The owners complained that the room was hard to heat in the winter and cool in the summer and suspected they had drafting up the chimney flue. Examination of the room with the Fluke IR2 reveals high temperatures represented by red all around the wall structure encasing the fireplace. The problem - the builder had failed to install building code required fire blocking to close off the open wall around the prefabricated fireplace from the attic. With this opening at the ceiling into the attic the uninsulated walls around the fireplace were open to the attic and the high temperatures of summer and the cold temperatures of winter. This type of hidden problem will push your energy use up every day of the year, year in and year out.
Above is a visual image of the stairwell wall of a newly constructed 7,000+ SF house. Nothing unusual... until you start blending the thermal image and you will see anomalies appear. On this color scale, cold to hot is blue to red. As you can see, there are numerous red areas along this wall. Further investigation reveals that this wall is open to the second floor attic. The insulating contractor has placed the fiberglass batt insulation between the wall's stud framing but failed to secure it in place. If not secured the insulation will sag and fall out of the walls leaving the walls exposed to the heat and cold, again causing increased heating and cooling bills year round.
The ceiling of this 10 year old home (above) appears normal to the naked eye, but a closer look with the Fluke IR2 Fusion Thermal Camera shows some unusual indications. Further investigation in the attic shows significant rodent activity in the attic. Every fall when the temperatures outside drop, mice start looking for a winter home. Since they can't catch a ride to Florida, moving into your attic and burrowing down through the insulation to the ceiling is the next best thing. Sometimes I find snake skins in attics also as the snakes may follow the mice into the house.
In this five year old house, water stains from an "old" plumbing leak were found. Scanning the ceiling shows that the old leak wasn't so old. The ceiling contained hidden water. Water problems left unattended can lead to serious and costly repairs, especially if mold and fungus are present.

Our Home Energy Audit Service is just another way that we set ourselves apart from other inspection companies here in Madison Alabama.  Call us today to schedule  a Home Energy Audit in your Madison home or commercial building.
Serving all of North Alabama including Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur and the surrounding counties
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Home Energy Audit Madison Alabama AL

Call Us Today!  (256) 464-7060

Home Energy Audit Madison Alabama AL

Home Energy Audit Madison AL, Madison AL Home Energy Audit, Home Energy Audits Madison AL, Madison AL Home Energy Audits, Energy Efficiency Service Madison AL, Madison Energy Efficiency Service, Energy Efficiency  Madison AL, Madison Energy Efficiency
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