So why do people need a home inspection in Athens Alabama when they are buying a home? The short answer is to make sure they understand to the greatest extent possible, the condition of the house they are purchasing. But why canít a person just go look at a house and figure out where the problems are?

Well, modern homes are much more complicated. Up until World War II most homes were fairly simple. There was usually a simple electrical system with an outlet or two in each room and often times a light fixture in the center of the room. The plumbing system, if there was one, was also pretty simple with hot and cold running water in the kitchen and usually a single bathroom with a sink, tub and toilet. Heating was typically done with a gravity system and air conditioning was furnished in every room by opening a window.

In the years after the war there was an explosion in home building as the soldiers came home from the military and new technologies were being introduced. With more household appliances available the power requirements in homes grew along with the complexity of the electrical systems. Air conditioning started becoming more affordable in the 60ís so forced air heating and cooling systems gained in popularity. With this we started increasing insulation in the walls and ceilings to keep the heat in or out of the house.

Your great-grandfather from the first half of the 20th Century would not recognize nor understand most of what we now take for granted in a modern home. As is often true of most innovations, there are also downsides that accompany the advancements. Older electrical systems become overloaded and can create hazardous conditions. Tighter houses means moisture gets trapped in ceilings, walls and floors causing fungus and mold. Mechanical equipment is prone to breakdown and it has a limited life. Newly developed products such as composite sidings that arenít fully tested can fail.

The first home inspections that Iím aware of started back in the 1950ís and began to grow through the 1960ís and 1970ís. In 1976 a critical mass was reached and the first professional association for home inspectors was formed, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). ASHI immediately went about the business of defining what a home inspection is or should be. This became the first Standard of Practice (SoP) for home inspectors.

ASHI also recognized the need to promote high ethical standards among home inspection practitioners and developed the first Code of Ethics (CoE) for the home inspection profession. Over the years other home inspection associations have come and gone and most have modeled their standard of practice and code of ethics after ASHIís. Even some states, including Alabama have adopted the ASHI SoP and CoE in their home inspection regulations.

Because of the complexity of modern homes, it is very important that you find someone to perform your home inspection in Athens Alabama that has the proper education and experience and can help you make sense of all the issues surrounding the condition of a home you are about to purchase.

A detailed knowledge of building science is a must for a home inspector. It is not enough just to be able to recognize defects; a home inspector must also know the significance of each problem found during the home inspection. If your home inspector finds ten problems during the home inspection, he should be able to provide you with a sense of the relative importance of each issue.

We strongly encourage you to compare, not the price but the
credentials of any home inspector you are considering hiring to perform your home inspection.

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Home Inspection Athens Alabama AL

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Home Inspection Athens Alabama AL

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