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These are important questions you should ask when choosing a home inspector. Even if you don't choose Insight Home Inspection, we welcome the opportunity to help you make an educated decision.

1. How long have you been performing home inspections?

Our owner, Bill Loden, performed his first home inspection in 1986, and actually formed a company in 1996. Bill has been gaining the experience necessary to be a top inspector since he graduated from Mississippi State University in 1981 with a Bachelor's degree in Construction Engineering Management. Learn more about Bill's qualifications.

2. Are you involved with or have an interest with any related services such as home repair or remodeling?

We are not involved in any other business. In accordance with the ASHI® Standards of Practice, we do not participate in any referral or construction related activities. It represents a conflict of interest.

3. Are you insured?

Yes, we have Liability insurance through American Indemnity.

4. Do you encourage the client to attend the inspection?

We prefer buyers attend the inspection. Buyers that attend have a better understanding of the property as viewed by the inspector and are better able to read and interpret the final report. The buyer's attendance also helps him/her understand the scope of a home inspection as well as the limitations. Of course, we realize this is not always possible. This is one of the reasons we were the first local inspection firm to offer digital photographic records with the report at no additional cost.

5. How soon can you typically schedule an inspection?

An inspection can usually be scheduled within five days of when you call depending on how busy the market is. Occasionally, if you are running close to your deadline, we may have a postponement from another client that will allow us to fit you into the schedule.

6. How long will the inspection take?

A typical inspection of a 2400 square foot house will take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours (not including report writing time) depending on the age and condition of the home.


1. Are you experienced in residential inspections?

Yes. Our inspector specializes in residential inspections.

2. Are you a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors® (ASHI® )?

Yes, we are a fully certified member of ASHI®. The American Society of Home Inspectors® is a non-profit professional society dedicated to establishing standards of excellence for professional home inspectors. To become a member, an inspector must first apply for Candidacy. During the Candidacy period (a minimum of 6 months, maximum of 3 years), they must pass two ASHI® written technical exams and provide valid proof of at least 250 fee paid home inspections that meet or exceed the ASHI® standards. Once these requirements are met, and their applications approved, they may become Certified Members of ASHI®. To maintain their Membership status, inspectors must also obtain a minimum of 40 continuing education credits every two years. To verify our ASHI® membership you may call 1-800-743- 2744. Beware of other "certifying" companies that issue a certificate to anyone willing to pay $50 to get a certificate of membership.

3. Do you possess an Alabama license?

Yes, we have an Alabama State License. Insight Home Inspection's license number is HI-0153.

4. What professional training have you had?

Bill Loden has a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Management from Mississippi State University. His Continuing Education course work includes: Defect Recognition (ASHI), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Writing for Business, Basic Risk Management, and System Safety Practices. He has also taken courses in Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives, and Deadlines, Successful Presentations Skills, University of Alabama-Huntsville (UAH) Management Certification Series, and UAH ISO 9000 Certification Series.  He is also a certified thermographer.


1. How much will the inspection cost?

The inspection fees vary slightly depending on the size, age, and location of the house. Please call for current inspection and reinspection fees.

2. What will the inspection report include?

A full inspection covers the Site/Grounds, Exterior, Structural Components, Foundation, Roof, Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/AC, Garage, Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Interior.

3. Will you prepare a written report?

Yes, we will prepare a written report. The report generally runs 15-18 pages and includes a Report Overview that will let you quickly review the recommended improvements to the home.

4. Is the report hand written or computer generated?

The report is computer generated in our office.

5. Is the report a narrative report or a simple checklist?

The report is a full, easy to read, narrative describing the components of the house, improvement recommendations, and the positive attributes of the property as well.

6. Does the report include photographs of any deficiencies found?

We use a high-quality, high-resolution digital camera to provide a photographic record of the findings of you inspection.

7. How soon is the report available?

The report is available the next day and in many cases, the same day by e-mail (.pdf format). If requested, we follow up by snail-mailing an original hard copy of the report.

8. Can we see a sample of your report?

We would be happy to furnish you with a sample report. In fact, if you click here, you can view a sample report now.

9. Does the report conform to ASHI® Standards?

Yes, our report conforms to (and exceeds) the ASHI® Standards of Practice.

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