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This Confidential Report Prepared for the Exclusive Use of Fred and Betty Wilson.
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Visible ductwork was observed where readily accessible and found to be leaking where joined to the furnace or air handler. Repairs are needed.

Filters should be cleaned or changed on a regular basis. This helps keep the system and the house clean and reduces operating costs.

The failure probability of this system is low due to the relatively young age of the system.

Minor Repair There are numerous locations on the cabinet and at the joints of the duct work where conditioned air is leaking into the attic. This is very wasteful and should be corrected.

Minor Repair The downstairs unit does not have a filter in the return air system. The filter should be installed in the attic air handler between the return air duct and the cabinet. Since the system has been operating for 3 years without a filter, it would be advisable to have a service technician clean the evaporator coils.

Central Air Conditioning

The central air conditioner was operated during the inspection using the normal operating controls. The temperature differential was measured and found to be 16 degrees. This is the number of degrees the system is cooling (or heating) the house air. Normal range for this number is 16-22 degrees when operating the system during hot weather, lower when ambient temperatures are lower.

The suction line at the air handler was found to be cold and sweating which is normal. The liquid line was found to be warm which is normal.

Motors and fans were found to be in functional condition. No unusual noises were observed.

The primary condensate drain line was inspected where readily visible. The drain is functional.

An auxiliary drain line is present. The drain line appears to be functional.

The air conditioning system appears to be in functional condition.

Minor Repair The condensate lines empty onto the compressor unit pad. These lines should be extended to the edge of the slab. The constant water on the slab can cause the base of the compressor units to rust.
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