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This Confidential Report Prepared for the Exclusive Use of Fred and Betty Wilson.
2000 Insight Home Inspection All rights reserved.


Walls and ceilings appear to be drywall and wood paneling.
Floors are wood and carpet.
Interior cabinets are wood.

Observations and Recommendations

Minor cracks are found on interior surfaces in all buildings and are typically cosmetic in nature. This type of cracking is usually caused by settlement and/or shrinkage of building components. Small cracks of this type are not mentioned in the report.

The condition of floors underneath carpet and other coverings cannot be determined and is specifically excluded from the inspection and report.

Walls and ceilings were found to be in adequate condition.

Interior floors were found to be in adequate condition.

Interior cabinets were found to be in adequate condition.


Description: Wood stove

The wood stove and flue have adequate clearance to the walls.

Observations and Recommendations

It is important that a flue be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent a buildup of creosote in the flue which can catch fire. It is recommended that the flue be examined and cleaned if needed before use each year. The wood stove was examined visually. A fire was not started. No comment can be made on the efficiency or operation of the stove.

Clearance from combustibles was observed and found to be adequate.

End, summary follows.

Inspector: Insight Home Inspection
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