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This Confidential Report Prepared for the Exclusive Use of Fred and Betty Wilson.
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Observations and Recommendations

The exterior surfaces were observed while walking around the exterior of the house. The siding was found to be in satisfactory condition.

Trim around the house was found to be in adequate condition.

The soffits and fascia were found to be in adequate condition.

Minor Repair Some of the screen around the porch has tears and holes and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Minor Repair The storm door at the kitchen needs to be adjusted to properly close.




The garage door is insulated metal.
An automatic opener is present. An automatic "electric eye" is installed to reverse the door when an object crosses the door's path.


Observations and Recommendations

Garage door safety tips: The garage door is the largest moving object in the home. Operation of the safety mechanisms should be verified monthly. Switches for door openers should be located as high as practical to prevent children from playing with the door. Children should be warned of the potential risk of injury.

Regular lubrication of the garage door tracks, rollers, springs, and mounting hardware is recommended.

The garage door was operated and found to be functional. Hardware fastening together and supporting the door appears to be in adequate condition.

The automatic garage door opener reversed properly when held with moderate pressure.

The "electric eye" beam was found to be functional. The door reversed when it was interrupted.




Windows are wood casement.
Windows have insulated glass.
Doors are wood.
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